Sunday, January 30, 2005

How to benefit extra from Nit-Naym -"Gurdev Mata, Gurdev Pita"

Recite the slok "Gurdev Mata, Gurdev Pita" before and after nit-naym, sehaj paath, or an Akhand paath for extra benefit. Baba Harnam Singh ji (Rampur Khera) was told this by the Guru when he did ardass to discover the meaning of the instructions in the slok.

sloku ]
salok ||

gurdyv mwqw gurdyv ipqw gurdyv suAwmI prmysurw ]
The Divine Guru is our mother, the Divine Guru is our father; the Divine Guru is our Lord and Master, the Transcendent Lord.
gurdyv sKw AigAwn BMjnu gurdyv bMiDp shodrw ]
The Divine Guru is my companion, the Destroyer of ignorance; the Divine Guru is my relative and brother.
gurdyv dwqw hir nwmu aupdysY gurdyv mMqu inroDrw ]
The Divine Guru is the Giver, the Teacher of the Lord's Name. The Divine Guru is the Mantra which never fails.
gurdyv sWiq siq buiD mUriq gurdyv pwrs prs prw ]
The Divine Guru is the image of peace, truth and wisdom. The Divine Guru is the Philosopher's Stone - touching it, one is transformed.
gurdyv qIrQu AMimRq srovru gur igAwn mjnu AprMprw ]
The Divine Guru is the sacred shrine of pilgrimage, and the pool of divine nectar; bathing in the Guru's wisdom, one experiences the Infinite.
gurdyv krqw siB pwp hrqw gurdyv piqq pivq krw ]
The Divine Guru is the Creator, and the Destroyer of all sins; the Divine Guru is the Purifier of sinners.
gurdyv Awid jugwid jugu jugu gurdyv mMqu hir jip auDrw ]
The Divine Guru existed in the very beginning, throughout the ages, in each and every age. The Divine Guru is the Mantra of the Lord's Name; chanting it, one is saved.

gurdyv sMgiq pRB myil kir ikrpw hm mUV pwpI ijqu lig qrw ]
O God, please be merciful to me, that I may be with the Divine Guru; I am a foolish sinner, but holding onto Him, I will be carried across.
gurdyv siqguru pwrbRhmu prmysru gurdyv nwnk hir nmskrw ]1]
The Divine Guru is the True Guru, the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord; Nanak bows in humble reverence to the Lord, the Divine Guru. ||1||

eyhu sloku Awid AMiq pVxw ]
Read this Shalok at the beginning, and at the end. ||

-(Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji)


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