Saturday, January 29, 2005

Symptoms of Spiritual Sickness...

Author: jeevan

Here are some symptoms that your spiritual jeevan is in trouble:

-slipping amrit vela and even attempts to wake up are not successful. Waking up consistently after amrit vela is the eventual conclusion of this trend.

-increased time on internet and in front of tv

-less paath and missing banis; no desire to do paath

-dropping "small" rehits like doing keshi ishnan, doing kangha twice a day, etc.

-less concentration and ability to do paath and simran

-less desire to go to gurdwara and stay in sangat

-increased vikaar especially anger and kaam

-rationalising faults and mistakes in rehit as "acceptable" and "undertandable" or "I'll fix it later..."

*Root Causes:*

-serious mistake in personal rehit

-ego and pride

-looking down and belitlling other Gursikhs


-ardaas to Guru Sahib for forgiveness

-speaking to other Gursikhs about problems

-Peshi before punj pyarai for serious mistakes in rehit

-Going to sangat even if there is no desire. Forcing yourself to go no matter what.

*note* : It's best to recognise the sickness early and combat it. Otherwise, things keep getting worse till you're in real trouble and recovery is a big uphill battle.

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