Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Japji Sahib katha

I apologize for not updating more often.

I wanted to provide a link to an English translation of Giani Takhur Singh ji's excellent katha on Japji Sahib. Giani ji is currently one of the foremost pracharaks in the entire Panth. I highly recommend listening to his katha - he explains everything with great detail and accuracy. His katha is also comprehensive, covering much of Sikhi - everything from the meanings of the Banis, the Guru's jeevan sakhis, rehit, spiritual principles and more. There will also be recordings of simran released at some future date. The anand in his simran is amazing. Although Giani ji does katha in Punjabi, it is an easier to understand style of Punjabi than many kathakars use. It may even help increase your own understanding of Punjabi!

This English translation is being done by a member of discussion forum. I cannot vouch for its accuracy. However, it seems pretty good at first glance and is the only English translation that I know of. I encourage you to check it out. It's one of the top posts under global announcements.