Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spiritual pointers.

• Call Maya ‘mata ji’ or penji/bhaji to avoid it.
• When you do ardass for something, put in $1 or $10 or any other full amount. But a broken amount, like 25 cents will result in your ardass being incomplete.
• Doing Paath slowly gives greater laha.
• If you want guns (good qualities), then when you see other people see their guns and not their avguns (bad qualities). If we look at their avguns than that is what we will gain.
• All accounts must be settled before we will be allowed into Sach Khand.
• Don’t give people shabds to achieve a particular aim in a direct manner. Say indirectly “maybe this shabd will help”… We are not at such a high avastha that our bachan (what we say) will automatically become complete. Doing it this way helps avoid a loss of faith from the person you are trying to help.
• Try not to have any wrong thoughts while doing Paath. Remember the Singh ji who the Guru was going to grant Guruship, but who instead only got a horse b/c that was what he was thinking about at the time. The Guru will make our desire complete, but not more.
• Before doing ardass for someone, take a Hukumnama for permission. Or do ardass with your question, and look up a random shabd on the net (for those of you who don’t have full access).
• Nindya/Chugli (slander/backbiting) decrease the laha of Paath.
• Eating the sangat’s leftovers is a pun (virtous deed). If we hoard the best food for ourself that will increase our lalch (greed).
• If you do ardass “Satnaam, Siree Waheguru Ji, Dhan Guru Ramdass Ji”, than He will eat the first bite.
• Seva (selfless service) with our hands is worth more than seva of donations b/c all maya belongs to the Guru anyways.
• Money that you donate that is used for bad purposes will actually be bad for you, not good.
• Thoughts in the darbar may be planted as new karms that must be completed in the next janam (lifetime). This is the kind of karm that cannot be erased by simran, but must come to fruition (pralabd karm).
• If you meet a Sant and choose to test him or her, do not test him or her more than once otherwise bad things could happen. If the Sant passes your test, it’s important to ask for forgiveness.
• We can estimate our avastha from dreams that we have of Gursikhs and the Guru.
• Rajo and Tamo Gunn prevent shanti.
o By reducing spices and chutneys in our foods we can reduce rajo and tamo gunns.
• In sangat, if we sit next to Sikh with a high avastha, we can gain some of the kirpa that s/he is getting.
• Bad sangat earns a person bad karma.
• While doing simran we should endeavor to see ourselves as soul. This will increase the laha (benefit) that we gain.

I learned these from Giani Takhur Singh ji's katha. Again, my Punjabi skills were quite poor at the time so please forgive me if I have made a mistake.